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COURT STATUS - Robert VanKampen - 12-22-2020

The wind screens are down at Leslie. I've been told that the nets won't be removed this year.
Seems like play here is possible on any day without snowy or wet courts.

RE: COURT STATUS - Robert VanKampen - 02-05-2021

Winter finally arrived in force. We're taking a break until conditions improve. Hopefully it won't be long...?
We had a pretty good run, though!
See you guys again soon.

RE: COURT STATUS - Robert VanKampen - 02-23-2021

The temps are rising again! Have we seen the worst of Winter?
When you are ready to play again, come back and check our play times. You'll find a group pretty much every day!

RE: COURT STATUS - Robert VanKampen - 03-09-2021

Normally I take down old posts but I like keeping this particular thread open as a reminder of how our group overcame the trials of both Covid and Winter this year.

It looks like Spring is here. Hopefully there will be either no shoveling in our future. It certainly can't be worse than we've endured before.

Leslie Park is open for business.

RE: COURT STATUS - Robert VanKampen - 03-11-2021

Our beloved organizer Nat (Nuttaya) has contacted the city of Ann Arbor (Connor Dailey, Assistant Recreation Supervisor) and was told that the wind screens will be restored to Leslie Park within a week or two.

Thanks Nat!