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Winter weather - my thoughts - Robert VanKampen - 11-08-2020

We all know winter is coming. Will it keep us off the courts? I hope not. We're in a pandemic and this sport is much safer outside.

I personally will play on any day that the courts are clear of snow and ice and I can find at least one other person to play with. I'll bring a shovel, broom, and my own net if I need to.

I have a friend from Norway who says "There is no such thing as bad weather. There is only bad clothing". We can beat any weather if we dress in layers. You wear several layers, then start removing them as the exercise heats you up. And it really does. I guarantee that if you come out to the courts this winter, you'll see me in shorts and t-shirt next to others dressed like Eskimos.

It's very hard to say what weather we will have, or how many days will be especially nice. We can't control that. But we can control how we deal with it, and whether the people who want to play are in communication with each other.