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Weather prediction - Robert VanKampen - 03-24-2021

Obviously weather prediction is a crap shoot, so to speak, as is any prediction of the future, but still it's nice to know the odds.

Wind speeds are easily overlooked, but are pretty useful to know about for outdoor pickleball play. Some people start getting uncomfortable with gusts of 20mph, and gusts of 30mph seem pretty challenging for most people. Still, like anything else, you get used to it the more you do it.

I like to use forecast.weather.gov for my weather forecasts. You can get a weekly summary for a zip code, broken up into days (and nights), and if you need to know more there is an "hourly view" which can tell you hour-by-hour about the expected temperatures, wind speeds, chance of precipitation, sky cover, and some other stuff too.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, I believe that all the other weather apps and websites get their information from this governmental data, so why not go directly to the source?

RE: Weather prediction - Robert VanKampen - 05-03-2021

On days that threaten rain, it can be very helpful to look at a radar map that projects from the current cloud conditions and estimates how it will unfold over time.

One source for this is http://www.weather.com : click on "Radar".